Crayola 10-Pack Fabric Markers

Show off your unique personality by decorating your clothes with a pack of 10 Crayola fabric markers from Culbi. These bold and vibrant markers are made for use on cotton and polyester fabrics. Use them to create unique T-shirts, jeans, denim shorts, hats and canvas sneakers. They couldn't be easier to use. Simply draw or write what you'd like on your clothes, throw them in the dryer to heat-set them and they're ready to wear. After heat-setting, the decorated fabrics are machine-washable.

  • Includes one 10-count box of Crayola fabric markers
  • Features broad-tipped fabric markers in 10 different colors
  • Use markers on cotton and polyester fabrics
  • Heat-set fabric in the dryer to make clothes machine-washable
  • Safe and nontoxic formula
  • Made for use by kids ages 7 years old and up